Germain Park                                      

East Entry for Fields 1 and 2 , 

900 Germain Street


West Entry for fields 3 and 4

260 East Street


South Entry - center and

additional parking

156 Sycamore Street


Park proper


Field map


Norm Perry Park


300 Exmouth St., Sarnia Ontario


Additional parking enter park at 354 Eddy


Blackwell Park                   


6320 Blackwell Side Rd. Sarnia Ontario

Northern High school       


940 Michigan Avenue, Sarnia, Ontario

Lambton College                                     1


1457 London Road, Sarnia, Ontario                                                                

East Street Field  


281 East Street N. Sarnia, Ontario



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Sarnia FC
P. O. Box 22060
Twin Lakes Postal Outlet
Sarnia, ON
N7S 6J4

Inquires: info@sarniafc.ca

Office: office@sarniafc.ca 


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